The Directorate of eHealth is a sub-ordinate institution of the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services.

Established on January 1st, 2016, The Directorate of eHealth is a sub-ordinate institution of the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services. The former eHealth division of The Norwegian Directorate of Health provided the nucleus from which the new Directorate of eHealth has evolved.

The Directorate of eHealth is responsible for steering and coordination of eHealth through close cooperation with regional health authorities, local authorities, technical organisations, and other interested parties.

Main responsibilities include developing and implementing the national policy on eHealth, establishing the requisite standards, and administrating the use of eHealth methodology nation-wide.

Our social commitment is to contribute to make our health and care sector an holistic and evidence-based endeavour, which utilises the new technological possibilities and involves the people in order to achieve better public health, better results from the health and care sector, and better use of the resources.

Our Responsibilities

As the national competent authority of eHealth in Norway, our responsibilities include:

  • Implementation the country's policy on eHealth
  • Ensuring efficient national administration of eHealth
  • Serving as the secretariat of national fora on eHealth
  • Providing technical advice and interpretation of the relevant laws
  • Problem description and analysis in eHealth
  • Formulating and following-up the national eHealth strategy
  • Determining the codes, terminology and ICT standards, and their administration
  • Ensuring intersectorial and international cooperation in ICT in health and care services

eHealth services

As of 01.01.2020 the responsibility for development and management of national eHealth were transferred from the directorate to Norsk Helsenett SF ("Norwegian Health Network"), which is the provider of a national infrastructure for electronic communication in the health sector.

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